Get Your Game on

With Our Wide Variety of Activities

Do you want to sing, bowl, shoot pool, play ping pong, or even battle it out in the arcade? At Keg Social, we have something for everyone!


(Up to Six People Per Lane)

Monday-Thursday | $25 Per Hour
Friday-Sunday | $35 Per Hour
Shoe Rental | $4
*Bowling Shoes are Required

Strike out all night long at one of our 28 bowling lanes. We'll bring your shoes, set up your screens, and serve food and drinks at your lane, so you can focus on having fun!

Bowling Ball Image

Axe Throwing

(Up to Four People Per Bay)

Monday-Thursday | $25 Per 30 Minutes
Friday-Sunday | $35 Per 30 Minutes

Axe out your anger in one of our four throwing bays! You will need to fill out a waiver and wear close-toed shoes - but don't worry, we have an instructor at all times to ensure everyone's safety. We require all axe throwers to be over 14. If they are under 18, they must be accompanied by an adult.

You can fill out the waiver here!

Axe Throwing Image

Private Karaoke Rooms (21+)

Regular Karaoke Room (Up to 10 People)
Monday-Thursday | $25 Per Hour
Friday-Sunday | $35 Per Hour

VIP Karaoke Room (Up to 25 People)
Monday-Thursday | $50 Per Hour
Friday-Sunday | $70 Per Hour

Sing along to your favorite song in one of our two private karaoke rooms! You can choose from over 15,000 songs, and our upstairs Flo Bar is right around the corner. Karaoke and Flo Bar 21+.

Karaoke Image

Billiards (21+)

Monday-Thursday | $15 Per Hour
Friday-Sunday | $25 Per Hour

Shoot some pool in our upstairs bar and lounge. Whether you're practicing your skills or playing for fun, pick your solids or stripes at one of our four tables and cue those sticks.

Billiards Image

Ping Pong

Monday-Thursday | $25 Per Hour
Friday-Sunday | $35 Per Hour

Let's see your best serve! Compete with your friends and tally your scores to see who will be crowned champion.

Ping Pong Image


60 Minutes: $20 Per Person
30 Minutes: $15 Per Person

From air hockey to basketball, we've got a game for everyone. Our arcade cards are time based, allowing for all the fun you can cram in. Take a trip to the past with our older arcade games over by the Retro Bar, like Pac-Man or Donkey Kong!

Arcade Image

Beer Pong

At the very front we have a beer pong table that is available for free. It is first come-first serve, but it is conveniently located in the Stadium Dining area for fun while you wait for your food!

Beer Pong Image

Yard Pong

Everyday | $5 Per Hour

Did the cups get bigger or did you get smaller? Try out our new patio game and test your accuracy on this new spin on a classic college favorite.

Yard Pong Image


Everyday | $5 Per Hour

Have some fun at our Patio Bar, where we have cornhole for the fun of all ages! The cornhole boards can be moved around to adjust the distance and make the game accessible to all.

Cornhole Image


Can I make a reservation?

We do not take reservations, however, you are welcome to plan an event by getting in touch with our event coordinators, through our 'Book a Party' page. Private parties require a minimum guest count of 10. You cannot make reservations over the phone or without planning a private event.

What are the requirements for axe throwing?

Anyone who wishes to axe throw must be over the age of 14, and any participants under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult. All guests must fill out the Axe Throwing Waiver to play. All throwers must be wearing closed-toed shoes.

Is there a waitlist?

Our waitlist is based on volume and availability. We work on a first-come first-serve basis, and once activities are filled, we begin the waitlist. Guests are welcome to call ahead to get a better idea of the current wait, however, it is subject to change, and guests cannot be added to the waitlist over the phone.

Where can I buy activities?

All of our activities (bowling, arcade cards, ping pong, axe throwing, billiards, karaoke, etc.) can be purchased at the bowling desk.

Do you have any specials during the week?

Yes! All of our specials can be found here!