Sipping Sunshine at Flo Bar with Local Brews

Discover Florida's craft beer scene at Keg Social Orlando's Flo Bar, an exclusive 21+ Florida themed bar with local favorites like Big Storm and Crooked Can. Beyond the brews, enjoy private karaoke, billiards, and themed events. Savor the Sunshine State's taste at Keg Social's Flo Bar.

Sipping Sunshine at Flo Bar with Local Brews

On the East side of Orlando, there's a place that captures the essence of Florida in a pint glass - Keg Social Orlando's Flo Bar. This Florida-themed bar takes pride in offering an exclusive selection of local draft beers and Florida themed cocktails that showcase the diverse and vibrant scene of the Sunshine State. Step into Keg Social Orlando, where the atmosphere is as refreshing as the drinks they serve

The Flo Bar Experience

Unlike the other bars Keg Social has to offer, the upstairs Flo Bar is exclusively 21+ in order to maintain a mature, adult experience no matter what time of day. The laid-back atmosphere makes it the perfect spot to unwind and enjoy a taste of the local craft beer scene, whether on a night out with friends or a date night with your special someone.

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Local Florida Brews

At Flo Bar, the spotlight is on Florida's best breweries. From the citrus-infused delights of Big Storm to the bold and innovative brews from Crooked Can, every sip tells a story of the state's rich brewing heritage. Big Storm's Bromosa is a fan favorite at Keg Social. This dry-hopped juicy IPA starts with a powerful punch of tangerine with a dry and hoppy finish that even the self proclaimed “IPA-haters” enjoy. Cigar City, a Tampa-based brewery known for its award-winning beers, is also featured on the Flo Bar lineup. These local gems offer a diverse range of flavors and styles, ensuring there's something for every palate.

Florida Beer Florida Lager: A Local Twist on a Classic

For those who enjoy the familiarity of domestic beers, Flo Bar has a surprise in store. Swap your usual Bud Light for Florida Beer's Florida Lager and embark on a taste journey that's uniquely Floridian. Crafted by local brewers with a passion for quality, the Florida Lager introduces a mild malt sweetness that quickly transitions into a clean, refreshing finish, reminiscent of the easy-drinking nature of popular domestic lagers.

Beyond the Brews

While the craft beers take the spotlight, Flo Bar at KSO offers more than just great drinks. With two private karaoke rooms, four rentable billiards tables, and a DJ on select nights, it's a lively destination. Dive into themed events on promotional nights, like dirty bingo and trivia on ladies night, making it more than a drink spot - it's where locals and visitors unite to enjoy the best of Florida.

Keg Social Orlando's Flo Bar is a must-visit for anyone looking to experience the true flavors of Florida in a glass. With its dedication to showcasing local breweries and offering a refreshing twist on familiar classics, this Florida-themed bar has become a beacon for craft beer enthusiasts. So, whether you're a local or just passing through, make sure to stop by, raise a glass, and savor the taste of the Sunshine State at Keg Social's Flo Bar.